Horizontal type S500-S700

Horizontal-Wickelmaschinen S500-S700

S-series Coil winding machines for the production of distributor transformers and similar products. Equipped with Stollberg Touch system and made in strong horizontal construction incl. machine base.

Standard equipment:

  • Continuously selectable speed
  • Speed control with foot pedal
  • Programmable start-up and brake characteristics
  • Freely programmable stops
  • Touch operation


  • Wire bundling
  • Wire brake
  • Unwinder
  • Expansion mandrel
  • Machine bed
  • Tailstock
  • Guide – contact device

Special versions of the machines described here can be produced on request.

Technical Data

Distance between centersmax. 5000/6000/6000mm
Center height1300-2300mm
Load between centersmax. 10000/20000/25000kg
Torquemax. 24000/30000/105000Nm
Speedmax. 40/30/15U/min
Machine weightca. 4000/5000/5500kg
Power consumptionmax. 30/40/60kW
Coil diameter1600/2500/3000mm
Coil clearance diameter1800/2700/3400mm